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African American Hair Loss : Hair Restoration Specialists
Hair Restoration Specialists
Hair Restoration Specialists

Hair Restoration Specialists understands that the African American hair line differs from a Caucasian hair line.

African American hair has unique factors that require more attention due to the hair texture that can cause the hair to be easily damaged.

Hair Restoration Specialists has developed special techniques for Ethnic and African American Hair Loss. Thousands of patients have traveled to Hair Restoration Specialists in Atlanta for their expertise in Ethnic Hair Transplantation.

Hair Restoration Specialists

Individual results may vary on the individual amount of hair loss and other factors determined by our hair loss specialists. Photos and testimonials are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Results may require combination therapy and/or procedures.

Customized To Your Needs

Hair Restoration Specialists offers a variety of the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures to fit your personal style, your individual needs and your budget.

Regrow and Restore Your Lost Hair

Your consultation will begin with a complimentary scalp analysis and full assessment of your hair loss. We will give you a thorough explanation of the options that make sense for you.

Private and Confidential

We provide non-judgmental help to all genders, ethnicities and ages. We take pride in restoring your hair discreetly, affordably and more importantly in a relaxing atmosphere.

Trusted and Experienced

Our artistry is one of the many ways we continually excel within this industry and have earned recognition as the definitive leader in the hair loss and hair restoration field.