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Hair Loss Myths Busted

Over the years, you may have heard some mixed ideas about hair loss, and with so much information available, it can become difficult to separate the facts from fiction.

Sometimes, this misinformation occurs because some companies try to perpetuate hair loss myths in order to promote their hair products.

While we can’t always trace the origins of these questionable tales, or even explain how many myths last for generations until proven false, we’re here to set the record straight and bust some of the most common hair loss myths. With this, we hope you’ll become a more educated consumer.

Myth #1: Cutting or shaving hair makes it grow back thicker and faster.

Hair grows at an average of half an inch per month, and each hair shaft is slightly thicker at its base compared to its tip. That means hair can appear thicker for roughly a week after it has been cut. Cutting hair, however, has no effect on each hair’s thickness or the number of hairs that will sprout from the follicles.

Myth #2: Coloring hair makes it fall faster.

There are many hair treatments, such as bleach and color can put a strain on your hair, and if the treatments are too strong, they can cause hair to break off near the scalp, but there is no hair treatment that will cause hereditary hair loss.

Myth #3: Hereditary hair loss comes from your mother’s side.

While there is a strong influence from the maternal side, hereditary hair loss can be passed on by either parent. Hair loss genes can skip generations, can affect male or female, and can have different effects on siblings in the same family.

Myth #4: If you wash your hair too often, you will go bald. 

This myth has become popular because it seems like hair shedding occurs more after washing your hair. While this can be frustrating, shampooing your hair does not cause hair loss. Unfortunately, people who believe in this myth may actually shampoo their hair less than necessary, which is, as you may imagine, counterproductive to the hygiene of your scalp. 

These are just a handful of some of the most common myths regarding hair loss. What else have you heard? Share your thoughts and questions with us right here, and we’ll be happy to help you. Please stay tuned for another round of myth busting, fun facts, hair care tips, and much more only at Hair Restoration Specialists Atlanta.