Fill In Beard Transplant


Say Goodbye To Patchy Beards!

Fill In Beard Transplant Procedure at HRS of Atlanta.

Are you tired of dealing with patchy or thin spots in your beard? Say goodbye to frustrating beard struggles with our innovative Beard Transplant Procedure. At Hair Restoration Specialists, we fill in patchy spots around your beard, making it look fuller all while using your own growing hair.

At Hair Restoration Specialists, we specialize in natural-looking results and exceptional patient care. With our expertise and dedication, you can trust us to deliver the beard of your dreams.

We treat every client like our only client.

Schedule your consultation and you will receive a full scalp and hair loss evaluation from one of our Atlanta hair restoration specialists.

Why Choose Beard Transplant?

Beard Transplant offers a permanent solution to achieve the full, thick beard you’ve always wanted. Using your own growing hair, we fill in patchy areas and sculpt your beard to perfection.

How it Works:

  • Consultation: Schedule your consultation by calling 404-231-3100 or book online. Our experts will discuss your beard goals and tailor a treatment plan geared towards your needs.

  • Procedure: During your Beard Transplant Procedure, hair will be carefully taken 1 by 1 from your donor area and transplanted to your beard to fill in any patchy spots. You do not have to shave your head for this procedure.

  • Revel in Your New Beard: Watch as your beard transforms into a fuller, thicker masterpiece, boosting your confidence and style.

Why Patients Choose HRS

I am 30 years old, and about 2 months ago, my girlfriend noticed bald patches forming. She got me a few hats for valentines day. I got into Finasteride and all that jazz thinking that would solve my problems. Then one day, I walked into a camera store and passed by HRS. I made a joke to my GF about how I’d be visiting there soon. On our way out of the camera place, we used the restroom and being the first one out, I thought I’d actually step into HRS and get a brochure. Suddenly Marshall Boyd appeared, told me to sit down and he checked my hair. Real quick, he told me it was not DHT and I am actually experiencing Alopecia. He assured me that I have a good chance at filling the spots back in and pointed me in the right direction. It was incredible to have an honest, decent professional opinion from Marshall. Thanks Bro!

– Ryan Aitken

If you’re looking for the best Hair restoration service in Atlanta, please consider going to HRS Atlanta in the Sandy Springs, Roswell Rd area. Customer service means everything to me and that I got. It was on 100. From the front desk, to the doctors, to the employees that worked on my hair are incredibly nice, patient, carry a good sense of humor and the list goes on. The experience made me feel so comfortable. They’re also so informative. You will be informed about your procedures by the time you’re finish. They care. Whether you’re out of state or live in Atlanta, I recommend going here for your hair restoration treatments. Thanks HRS Atlanta!!! I’ll be back for more work

-Akeem Thomas