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AT HAIR RESTORATION SPECIALISTS IN ATLANTA, we are exclusively dedicated to providing the very latest hair restoration and hair transplantation for men and women at our state-of-the-art hair restoration clinic in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

SURGICAL HAIR RESTORATION, like other types of cosmetic surgery, requires not only surgical skill and unparalleled precision, but also a keen artistic eye and vision for natural hair growth.  For over 45 years, we have taken great pride in providing our patients with the very latest and finest in state-of-the-art hair transplants to help you restore both your hair and your confidence.

At HRS, we are dedicated to creating the most natural looking, most undetectable hair restoration for men and women of all ages and hair types.

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FUE Hair Restoration Atlanta Georgia
FUE Hair Restoration Atlanta Georgia
FUE Hair Restoration Atlanta Georgia


We Have Helped Thousands of Men & Women Just Like You

At HRS, we have been the number one choice for providing world-class hair restoration surgery to patients in the Atlanta, Georgia area for over 45 years. We understand that starting your hair restoration journey can be a big decision, which is why at Hair Restoration Specialists in Atlanta, you aren’t just another patient. You are family.

We know that no two patients are alike, which is why we develop an individually customized treatment plan that is unique to your own personal needs in order to to create optimal results.

Atlanta Hair Transplant & Hair Restoration Experts

The HRS Hair Restoration Process:

At HRS, we specialized in advanced Elite Platinum No-Shave FUE Hair Transplantation (Follicular Unit Extraction), one of the most modern hair transplant techniques in the world for natural hair transplantation. An FUE hair transplant procedure provides the most natural outcomes along with the advantage of minimum down-time for the patient. It is minimally invasive, and leaves behind virtually no scarring, allowing you to wear your hair in any style you prefer, even those which are very short.

Am I a Candidate for Hair Restoration Procedure?

If you are experiencing hair loss, such as a receding hairline, wider part, or thinning hair, you may be a good candidate for our Atlanta hair restoration or hair transplant procedures. While some people may choose to accept balding or wear a hairpiece, others prefer to take action in a proactive manner and actively explore proven clinical hair loss treatment protocols, or to restore natural hair in the thinning areas through hair transplant procedure. If hair loss is affecting your self-image, your confidence, or making you look and feel older, you may be a good candidate for hair restoration surgery or treatment.

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure at HRS Atlanta

FUE stands for “follicular unit extraction” and involves harvesting healthy hair follicles from the back of your head, where they are not genetically programmed to be affected by balding. These hairs are then transplanted to the thinning or balding area, individually. The benefit of this procedure is that it doesn’t leave a linear scar like traditional FUT hair restoration surgery.

As a pioneer in the field, we are the only hair transplant clinic to offer our exclusive Elite Platinum Shaveless FUE Hair Transplant method in Atlanta, Georgia. The most undetectable, and most comfortable way to restore your hair permanently and naturally, our Elite Platinum No-Shave FUE Hair Transplant procedure offers the benefit of very short post-operative recovery so you can return to your normal activities almost immediately.

No-Shave FUE hair transplantation is a game changer for men and women seeking to do something about their hair loss. It has the benefit of shorter post-operative recovery time compared to traditional FUT transplant methods, provides outstanding results, requires less time in treatment, and is a far less stressful experience for patients.

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Hair Restoration Specialists in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most respected and innovative hair transplant clinics in the nation. Our unwavering commitment to both surgical and artistic excellence, detail, and patient success is second to none. With over 45 years experience, our medical team and clinic staff are committed to providing you with the finest, most natural surgical hair transplants to help you not only restore both your hair and your confidence.

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No matter what type of hair loss you may be experiencing, we’re here to help.

Why Patients Choose HRS

“My husband had an FUE procedure with HRS about 8 months ago and he is thrilled by his results so far. He and I were treated extremely kindly by their staff and our expectations were met. We love our HRS family!”

-Peggy Scott – (Google Review)

“The staff at HRS was awesome! The really did a great job and payed a lot of attention to me after the procedure, making sure everything was fine. I would highly recommend them, if you are thinking about having a hair procedure done, I would recommend HRS first ! I have had several procedures done over the last 20 yrs and they are the best all around!”

Randy Coleman – (Google Review)

“I am a 68 year old man who had started to loose my hair in the front part of my scalp when I was 60 years old. I had gone to my family Dr and he recommended HRS of Atlanta because of there great success rate with male pattern baldness. I had a procedure done and am very happy with the results.”

Phillip Canty – (Google Review)