Hair Restoration Specialists
Hair Restoration Specialists

There are a large number of patients who simply do not want to undergo a hair transplant due to the fact they do not want others around them to know that they had a hair transplant, which can result in patients putting off the procedure or simply not undertaking it at all. However, there is a solution to these worries – The Shaveless FUE Hair Transplant at HRS Atlanta.

The Shaveless FUE is an outstanding innovation in the field of hair restoration and is extremely discreet, making it especially appropriate for people who desire to keep their procedure a private matter. The technique is very advanced in terms of the skill-set clinicians need to extract intact grafts with the least transection and implant the new grafts so that the pre-existing hairs surrounding them are neither affected nor harmed.

The Shaveless FUE is virtually undetectable with little or no downtime. A patient can return to work the next day after the procedure without the usual give away signs of having a hair transplant. The procedure is carried out without the need to trim, cut or shave the recipients hair and a patient can retain his or her hairstyle and hair length during and directly after the procedure. The Shaveless FUE is an excellent solution for those that want to keep the procedure private and undetectable. During your consultation we will discuss the following factors to find the best hair restoration solution for you.

• Number of grafts required to achieve optimal results and meet your expectations
• Cause of hair loss and family history
• Color and texture of hair
• Likelihood of future hair loss, based on projections
• The density of the hair within the donor area
• The number of grafts that can be harvested from the donor area
• Your overall health and lifestyle choices

Find out now if you are a good candidate for the Shaveless FUE Hair Transplant by booking a free consultation online or by calling us at 404-231-3100. We specialize in hair restoration for men and women of all stages of hair loss. Take the first step to regaining your hair by meeting with one of our Hair Restoration Specialists.