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Transgender Hair Transplant at Hair Restoration Specialists of Atlanta.

Hair transplants are a popular procedure amongst the transgender community as they can help alter the appearance of your hairline. This is an imperative gender trait as the shape and flow of hairs grow different depending on if you are male or female.

Hair Restoration Specialists offers a variety of hair transplant treatments including traditional FUE hair transplants and No-Shave FUE for people of all ages and ethnicities of all stages of hair loss. This includes treatments to aid in your transitioning process.

Whether you are transitioning from MTF (Male to Female) or FTM (Female to Male), we at Hair Restoration Specialists of Atlanta will discuss what the best procedure will be for you

This is due to the difference between a male’s hairline and a female’s hairline.

Differences between a male’s hairline and a female’s hairline.

  • The position of the hairline

  • The shape of the hairline

  • The flow of hairs

Male hairlines are usually “M” shaped, whereas female hairlines are curved and typically located further forward.*

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MTF (Male to Female) Hair Transplants
No matter what type of hair loss you may be experiencing, HRS is here to help.

Why Patients Choose HRS

“I’ve had bad experiences with previous doctors. I looked around and found HRS of Atlanta. HRS was amazing, they took care of me and made me feel very comfortable. Before my treatment I was depressed, now my hairline looks very full, and natural. Now I have regained my confidence. I am very satisfied with my results”

– Salena

“It’s hard to find a good doctor that will help you, and not just sell you a procedure with false hope. When I found HRS, the service was great. They made me feel safe, and checked in on my progress even after the procedure. I think my hair looks great, even my cousin is thinking about getting theirs done. I am glad I chose HRS.”


“I am a transgender person. I looked around for people to help me feel more comfortable in our culture. I found Hair Restoration Specialists, and the service was great. The staff at HRS is phenomenal. they made sure I was okay, and they made recommendations that would offer me the best possible outcome. I think my hair is beautiful.”